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The Uncle Eye Show: Novelty & Fake Hair Emporium

"I wish something would happen, something different."
"Good luck, nothing ever happens around here," lament the neighborhood children perched on the edge of boredom, until Uncle Eye, the champion of childhood, and musical proprietor of a mysterious new shop comes to town.

"The Invisible Beard" is not your typical Novelty and Fake Hair Emporium. Carrying everything from nightlite kneecaps to licorice toupees, Velcro sideburns to a Human Beatbox, Uncle Eye's interactive shop is a hilarious magnet for all the crazy characters in the community. Come in and meet Captain Curious, Miss Melody, and the ever disgruntled Banker who keeps trying to make sense out of the store that specializes in inspired nonsense.

Uncle Eye's shelves are stocked with many fine things to fire the imagination, cheer on creativity, encourage enthusiasm, but there is no room here for the run of the mill, business as usual, or Baron Boredom, and the Jelly Fish Pizza is sold out!

"This is nutty stuff"- Some kid (not a goat)

"Wild kid wild" - Man in the Plastic Chair

The Uncle Eye Show is an independent TV production featuring Bay Area-based entertainers, musicians, educators and children. Educational and entertaining, Uncle Eye and his cast of zany characters will whisk you and your children into the Invisible Beard: Novelty and Fake Hair Emporium, where fantasy meshes with reality and children are inspired to make music of their own!

Uncle Eye, (a.k.a. Ira Levin), local lovable children’s entertainer, is the creator and proprietor of the the new hub for the community. He and his friends will foster curiosity and imagination, promote musical involvement, and unite the neighborhood. The show joyfully bursts at the seams with song and humor that will take you back to your childhood and become a memory for your children to reminisce about for years to come.

The Uncle Eye Show will continue to spotlight the often-overlooked amusements available right outside your front door. Uncle Eye and his friends will visit places such as the library, park, and the museum to cheerlead music education, literacy, the arts, humanities, the environment, and the endless novelties life has to offer, all with a madcap humorous edge.

The need for non-commercialized, independently produced, community-based children’s programming is greater than ever. Stay tuned for the further adventures of Uncle Eye and his friends. You can now purchase a copy of the first episode here on the website.

For inquiries about The Uncle Eye Show contact Summersongs Unlimted